Regional management, SFIVET Lausanne

Three women and three men, standing in front of a window
From left to right: Anita Senn, Christian Wurlod, Jean-Pierre Perdrizat, Prof. Dr. Isabelle Caprani, Serge Chobaz, Ana Albornoz
Jean-Pierre Perdrizat Deputy Director, Director of SFIVET Lausanne, National Head Centre for the Development of Occupations
Ana Albornoz Regional Head of Basic Training Division, SFIVET Lausanne
Christian Wurlod Regional Head of Continuing Training Division, SFIVET Lausanne
Prof. Dr Isabelle Caprani Regional Head of R&D Division, SFIVET Lausanne; Head of Research Area «Teaching and Learning in VET/PET Programmes»
Serge Chobaz Head of sector, Center for the Development of Occupations, SFIVET Lausanne
Anita Senn Regional Coordinator, SFIVET Lausanne
Viviane Ducraux Secretariat