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Best Paper Award given at CREATIVET event at 5th International Congress on Research in Vocational Education and Training.
The paper 'Public Attitudes Towards the Role of the State and the Private Provision of Training: Evidence from the Swiss Apprenticeship System' by Dr. Andreas Kuhn and Prof. Dr. Jürg Schweri from SFIVET and Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolter from the University of Bern won the Best Paper Award at the 5th International Congress on Research in VET in March 2017. In this study the researchers used data on the Swiss VPET system to analyse public attitudes on the role of the state and the private provision of training.

Best Paper Award at 4th International VET Congress “Developing Skills across Institutional Boundaries“
The Best Paper Award, and CHF 1,000 in prize money, was given to Elisa Motta and Dr. Alberto Cattaneo from SFIVET and Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Gurtner from the University of Fribourg for their paper “High-level Content Co-regulation Episodes in Small Groups: Experiences in Initial Vocational Education and Training” at the 4th International VET Congress in Zollikofen in March 2015. This paper focuses on self-driven learning processes associated with group learning activities in Swiss VET programmes.

Best Research & Practice Project Award at EAPRIL Conference in 2014
The project “Mobile technologies to help learners in the VET programme in cooking“, which is part of the Leading Houses “Technologies for Vocational Training (Dual T)”, was given the Best Research & Practice Project Award 2014 by the European Association for Practitioner Research in Improving Learning (EAPRIL). Under the guidance of Dr. Alberto Cattaneo, Elisa Motta (SFIVET), Nicola Piatti (PASSI) and Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Gurtner (University of Fribourg) worked on this project, which illustrates best practices when it comes to applying research findings to real working situations.

The EU project «PraeLAB», which SFIVET was actively involved in, has been selected as one of twelve Best Practice Models for prevention and intervention in response to the dropout phenomenon
The EU project «Qualification of vocational training professionals for the identification and counselling of trainees with a high dropout risk» (PraeLAB), which SFIVET was actively involved in, was selected by jurors of the Early School-Leaving and Second-Chance Education Project (ESSE) as a Best Practice Model. The ESSE is a cooperation project involving eight education organisations from seven European countries: Ireland, Malta, Poland, Spain, Romania, Portugal and Lithuania. This cooperation project is intended to promote best practice models for prevention and intervention in response to the dropout phenomenon in all 27 member states of the European Union. The «PraeLab» project is one of twelve Best Practice Models in the EU.

Award for best presentation of a scientific paper by a PhD student
At the Biennial Meeting of the Special Interest Group «Special Educational Needs» (SIG 15) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) in Zurich, Marlise Kammermann was awarded the prize for the best presentation of a scientific paper by a PhD student. Working with Dr. Lars Balzer and Dr. Achim Hättich within the framework of the «Study of occupational careers of Federal VET Certificate holders», she is monitoring the employment situation of the first cohort of graduates of a two-year VET programme leading to issuance of the Federal VET Certificate. More information about the project can be found here: Study of occupational careers of Federal VET Certificate holders

The Best paper award was given to two SFIVET research teams at VET Congress 2013.
During the VET Congress 2013, a “Best paper award” was given to the best of 80 research papers submitted in response to the call for papers.
The first place “Best paper award” was given to:
- Elena Boldrini and Alberto Cattaneo: “Procedural learning in VET through written identification of errors”, (SFIVET)
- Viviana Sappa and Carmela Aprea: “Individual conceptions of connectivity: How Swiss teachers, trainers and apprentices perceive vocational learning across learning sites”, (SFIVET).

Rose Valida award given to SFIVET researcher Deli Salini
This is the third time that the Valida Association has awarded the Rose Valida, which is given to people and institutions that have shown extraordinary commitment to the recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning.

Best Paper Award for study co-produced by SFIVET
Jürg Schweri, researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET) has received the runner-up prize for the Best Paper Award. An international jury of specialists in the field of economics of education awarded the prize for a study published in the “Economics of Education Review“.

SSRE Promotion Prize for Young Researchers
SFIVET congratulates Dr. Jean-Louis Berger for winning SSRE Promotion Prize for Young Researchers.

Austrian research award for SFIVET researchers
At the Austrian Conference on Vocational Education and Training Research held in Steyr on 8 - 9 July 2010, Annina Eymann and Jürg Schweri were awarded the 3rd prize for their study entitled «Arbeitsmarktmobilität von Personen mit beruflicher Bildung in der Schweiz» (labour market mobility of VET graduates in Switzerland).

First Observal Prize
Im November 2009 the Team « Observal Project» received the first Observal Prize.

The Swiss Post was rewarded for its project ValiPost in collaboration with the SFIVET