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SFIVET's advisory services are intended for all stakeholders within the VET system of a country, such as policymakers, vocational schools, companies interested in providing apprenticeship training, trade associations and other actors.

SFIVET offers various approaches that can help VET systems in partner countries to better respond to labor market needs, including advices on pedagogical training of VET practitioners, on the development of a dual-track VET framework, on the elaboration of situation-based training plans, on the conduct of evaluations of VET aspects and projects and cost-benefit analysis, also on the establishment of a VET competence center.

Memoranda of Understandings and Partnerships:

SFIVET is part of the UNEVOC Network - a global and inclusive learning network of UNESCO Member States as well as institutions and organisations specialised in technical and vocational education and training (TVET)
International network

SFIVET as a UNEVOC centre

SFIVET has many years of experience and expertise in the provision of training to VET actors both in Switzerland and abroad. SFIVET's situation-based approach and situational didactics have proven to be both stringent and efficient in enabling learners to acquire professional competences...
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Training of VET actors

SFIVET maintains ties with ministries, institutions, higher education institutions and associations in the area of vocational education and training in over 60 different...

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In addition to teaching, R&D is among the key competences of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET). We work with national and international institutions that deal with vocational education and training as well as with higher education institutions both in...
Scientific support

Research & Development

SFIVET has a methodology that is surprisingly simple and fascinatingly consistent. It enables competences that are relevant to the labour market to be identified and included in a competence-based training plan. This competence-based orientation is made possible by analysing specific work...
Training engineering

Developing training plans

The Swiss system of vocational education and training has drawn considerable interest in other countries. It enjoys strong recognition and offers various approaches that can help VET systems in partner countries to become more suited to the needs of the labour market.

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