Review of practices in the validation of non-formal and informal learning in Switzerland

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This study included the drafting of an OPET-commissioned report presenting a complete overview of VNIL practices in Switzerland (for the year 2011) at all levels of post-compulsory education leading to a recognised formal qualification. The report was intended to serve two purposes:

  • that information regarding the spread of VNIL as well as descriptions of current VNIL practices could be included in the Swiss Education Report 2014;
  • Provide information for the Federal Council Dispatch on the New Continuing Education and Training Act.

Generally speaking, the report is divided into three parts:

  1. Delimitation and definition of key VNIL concepts
  2. Brief history of VNIL in Switzerland: national procedure, development of the VNIL framework, transfer of responsibility for implementation to the cantons, etc.
  3. Inventory of VNIL procedures in Switzerland: types of VNIL procedures from the standpoint of methodology, structure, dissemination, impact (number of persons involved).

National comparative study of the prevalence of VNIL practices at different levels and sectors of the Swiss education system as well as analysis of the regional distribution of VNIL practices.

Report (in French)

1.5.2012 to 31.10.2012
Project manager: 

Swiss Education Monitoring Processes Section