Labour market mobility of holders of VET qualifications in Switzerland

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This dissertation consists of three cumulative sub-projects that assess the labour market mobility of holders of VET qualifications in Switzerland. The analysis conducted in these three sub-projects is based on secondary data drawn from the Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS) of 1996-2008 and the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) of 1999-2008.

The first sub-project focuses on transitions within the Swiss labour market and attempts to determine empirically whether holders of VET qualifications enjoy less labour market mobility than holders of other educational qualifications. Becker’s human capital theory (1962) serves as a frame of reference in this assessment.

The second sub-project focuses on the impact that changing careers and companies has on earnings. While theoretical models based on human capital theory predict that changes in career and company lead to a loss of earnings, other theoretical models (search and matching theories), predict a gain in earnings. Econometric calculations used in this second sub-project will determine which theoretical models apply to the Swiss labour market.

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Quantitative, multivariate econometric models will be used to analyse responses to survey questions. Special emphasis will be placed on panel data set assessment methods.

1.1.2009 to 30.9.2015
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