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Feedback from various schools shows time and time again that “applied mathematics” “generates” a great need for support measures. There are three possible reasons for this:
1. Many formal curricula set targets in the area of applied mathematics which bear little relation to everyday work.
2. Mathematics teaching at primary and lower-secondary levels has changed dramatically. Many vocational school teachers are poorly informed of this.
3. Many VET school teachers have not been trained to teach mathematics and have a relative lack of understanding in this area and how it relates to their own learning experiences.

The aim of the project is to tackle all three points in parallel and thus to reduce the need for support measures in mathematics. To this end, on the one hand, information is being collected as to what type of mathematics is actually required in individual professions. On the other hand, suitable events are intended to improve the level of mathematics teaching knowledge in VET schools. Important learning theory background is provided here by the concepts of situated learning/knowledge, situated abstraction and learning as part of integration into a community of practice.

  • Improvement in available information/dissemination: courses, impulse days.
  • Knowledge of what mathematics is required in individual occupations: In-house, participant-focussed training sessions combined with field studies.
  • Teaching repertoire: participant-focussed courses (within schools as far as possible), which enable mutual development.
1.1.2009 to 31.12.2014
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