Evaluation of the Limmattal Training Centre’s ‘n47e8’ project

Portrait of modern carpenters working at woodworking factory, focus on young woman smiling at camera in foreground, copy space
The main objective is to evaluate the Limmattal Education Centre’s n47e8 integral teaching and learning space.

As a competence centre for logistics and technology, the Limmattal Training Centre offers formal upper-secondary level vocational education and training (VET) and tertiary-level professional education as well as non-formal continuing education and training (CET). It also runs occupation-specific innovation projects. The over 1,200 people enrolled are expected to take responsibility for both their own learning and their future careers. This is the Limmattal Education Centre’s pedagogical and didactical credo and is also a guiding principle in the development of various teaching methods and learning tools.

The n47e8 project emerged from this vision. n47e8 is an integral space for teaching and learning where a digital tool, namely a web-based app, is used as an interface to build a bridge between traditional forms of teaching, the physical location, digital media and the web.

The Limmattal Education Centre conducted an internal evaluation of the pilot class for this project for the 2018/19 school year. SFIVET’s Evaluation Unit was then asked to take over evaluations from the 2019/20 school year onwards.


Specifically, SFIVET’s Evaluation Unit will carry out the following activities:

  • Online survey of learners in the new learning space and of benchmark classes at various points in time during training
  • Workshops and/or written questionnaires with various stakeholders and persons involved
  • Online surveys of learners, teachers and workplace trainers to gather information about the challenges associated with Covid-19.
In progress
1.7.2019 to 23.7.2020
Research fields: 

Limmattal Training Center