Evaluation of Health Promotion Switzerland’s ‘Friendly Work Space Apprentice’ project

In 2019/2020, the third pilot phase of Health Promotion Switzerland’s ‘Friendly Work Space Apprentice’ project will be carried out with five companies that have agreed to take part in the pilot phase. It will be scientifically monitored by SFIVET’s Evaluation Unit, with emphasis being placed on the newly developed app.

Adolescence is an important time in life when health-influencing behaviours can emerge, become entrenched and have an impact over one’s entire life. It is therefore very important for adolescents to be shown ways to improve their health, which in turn will enable them to sustainably consolidate their resources and prevent psychological problems. In the workplace setting, however, health-promoting measures for young people are still rare. For this reason, Health Promotion Switzerland began developing the Friendly Work Space Apprentice project in 2011. The aim is to improve the mental health of young people in the workplace setting. The initial project has evolved in subsequent phases.

Starting in the 2019/2020 school year, a third pilot phase of the project will run in five participating companies. The aim is to determine whether the project can be scaled up in the 2020/2021 school year. SFIVET’s Evaluation Unit has been asked to conduct a developmental evaluation of the implementations from 2019 to 2022.

A developmental evaluation is conducted for the purpose of facilitating development of an innovative object of evaluation. Innovations are often characterised by the fact that they continuously evolve and adapt within a rapidly changing and unforeseeable environment. This means that evaluation steps cannot be planned in the long term. Instead, feedback loops must be introduced in order to take changing conditions into account in timely fashion and adapt the evaluation process accordingly.

This developmental evaluation is also intended to provide the information needed to decide whether this project should be scaled up.


The evaluation of the third pilot phase will start with a situation analysis in all five participating companies (online survey with learners and workplace trainers as well as semi-structured interviews with project managers). This will be followed by analysis of the app's usage data.

Further evaluation steps are planned and will be implemented as the project unfolds - as is usually the case with developmental evaluations.

In progress
1.11.2019 to 15.9.2022
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