Educational Consultancy for the development of the branch courses for commercial employees in the field “services and administration”

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The manual IGKG with methods and approaches for teaching branch courses is revised and supplemented.

Subsequently, it will be introduced to the course coordinators to develop it further on the basis of their practical experiences. In order to encourage the use of the individual training logbook in the branch courses by the students, respective materials may later be produced, if necessary.


Analysis of branch course documents, revision and supplement of the existing manual by including theoretical texts, a pedagogical procedure to encourage the reflection of work-related and study- related situations and activities, descriptions of good practice examples of teaching. Moreover, courses to introduce the manual to branch course coordinators in the German and the French part of Switzerland, exchange and reflection of their experiences in order to further develop the manual and the use of the training logbook.

1.10.2015 to 31.12.2017
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Hansruedi Kaiser


IGKG Switzerland (professional organisation for commercial employees in the field “services and administration")