Creation of evaluation concept for MENJE-SCRIPT-INFPC, Luxembourg

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The basic idea for this project is to help the INFPC to build its own evaluation capacities so that INFPC staff will have the solid evaluation expertise needed to develop and introduce an evaluation concept that matches the specific needs of the INFPC.

SFIVET's role in this project is to impart this evaluation expertise and assist the INFPC in the development of its own evaluation concept.


This project will be broken down into two parts:

  1. Planning and provision of a training course ‘Introduction to Evaluation’: A teaching aid written by the project manager will serve as the basis for a modular training course given over a period of several days. During this course, the content of the teaching aid, which has to be read before, will be discussed with a view to determining how this knowledge may be directly applied to the specific situation of the INFPC. Between the various course modules, the various topics to be addressed will be analysed at length. This will enable the course participants to produce an evaluation concept that may be directly introduced upon completion of the training course.
  2. In addition to the training course, SFIVET will provide the INFPC with guidance on the following aspects: ‘How to create an evaluation concept’, ‘How to prepare evaluation tools’, ‘How to make adjustments to existing evaluation tools’, ‘Technical questions (software...)’, ‘How to implement an evaluations concept’.
1.7.2014 to 28.2.2015
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