Costs and benefits of two-year VET programmes

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The cost-benefit ratio of two-year VET programmes from the host company standpoint is an important determining factor for their willingness to provide apprenticeship training. Although the University of Bern has already conducted such studies for three and four-year VET programmes (showing that around two-thirds of all host companies in Switzerland derive a net benefit), no such studies have yet been conducted for two-year VET programmes.

Using an online company survey as a basis, the study seeks to determine the cost-benefit ratio of two-year VET programmes from the standpoint of host companies. The study examines all two-year VET programmes introduced up until 2007 and uses the same method as the one used for the cost-benefit studies conducted by the University of Bern. A few adjustments to the specifications of the two-year VET programmes have been made in order to ensure comparability.


Empirical-quantitative, own data gathered by means of an online questionnaire.

1.1.2009 to 31.3.2010
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