Assessment of the VPL Procedure for the DFAP Federal Teaching Diploma, Basic Education Lausanne

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Research focuses on assessing the procedure towards “1800 hours for VPL” aimed at teachers in vocational schools or professional colleges in French-speaking Switzerland, with a possible option extending it to all SFIVET regional offices.

The task is to assess the procedure’s internal consistency, adequacy and relevance to targeted objectives.


Two stages: analysis of prescribed work and analysis of actual work.

  1. Study of the procedure’s structure based on a documentary survey of relevant official texts and standards.
  2. Study of the actual work performed by the actors in the procedure: individual and collective interviews of the stakeholders, candidates, support staff, experts and persons in charge of the procedure.

Prot, B. & Rodriguez, D. (2010). Proposition pour l'évaluation de la «Voie VAE» dans le cadre de la filière de diplôme à l'IFFP de Lausanne. Paris : Conservatoires des Arts et Métiers.

1.9.2009 to 31.3.2010
Project manager: 

CNAM (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Paris), France