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The Development of Occupations

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SFIVET's Centre for the Development of Occupations (CDO) offers methodological and pedagogical support to professional organisations. This support covers all stages of the process of developing upper-secondary level VET programmes and tertiary-level PET programmes.

Whether it be to identify and describe activities associated with a given occupation or profession; to establish competences, training objectives and training content; to create examinations; or to work on transversal VET or PET projects, our main focus is always on the specific needs of clients as well as on the demands of the labour market.

Our services may be combined, according to your needs.

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What are the main activities that characterise a given occupation, now and in the future? A relevant activity profile ensures that training is both of high-quality and closely correlated with working realities. Since new VET ordinances came into effect in 2004, SFIVET has been providing support...
Creating competence profiles

Analysis of activities and future outlook

What knowledge, know-how and attitudes do young people require in order to satisfy the needs of the occupation and the labour market? A training plan sets out the training objectives and the coordination of training content across three different learning locations. We assist professional...
Vocational education and training (VET)

Elaboration and revision of training plans

Within the framework of its federal public service agreement, SFIVET’s Centre for the Development of Occupations helps VET partners to implement VET ordinances and training plans.
Vocational education and training (VET)

VET programmes - Implementation

Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that ordinances and training plans for upper-secondary level vocational education and training (VET) and reference documents for tertiary-level professional education satisfy quality and market suitability requirements in response to economic, technological,...
Quality within the VPET system

Review and verification

An examination regulation (and corresponding guidelines) or a core syllabus establish the technical and general competences required in order to obtain tertiary-level professional qualifications. They also serve as the basis for teaching/training and examination at tertiary level. In order to train...
Tertiary-level professional qualifications

Drafting an examination regulation or a core syllabus for professional qualifications

The professional competences required in order to complete tertiary-level training for your profession are set forth in training modules developed in the design phase. These professional competences are described either in an examination regulation (in the case of preparation for a federal...
Tertiary-level professional qualifications

Implementation of examination rules/core syllabus