12.09.2019 : Cooperation with Singapore showing its effects

Attitudes included in the workplace training plans of VET programmes in Singapore

Etwa zehn Studenten aus Singapur arbeiten in Gruppen.
Singapore, 12.09.2019 – As a result of steady dialogue with SFIVET (International Relations Division), workplace training plans for dual-track VET programmes (referred to in Singapore as ‘on-the-job-training blueprints’) now include acquisition of the requisite attitudes.

After three years of cooperation and six trips to Singapore, the Swiss model of dual-track VET programmes is now having an effect in Singapore. Referred to in Singapore as ‘OJT blueprints’, workplace training plans for dual-track VET programmes now include the requisite attitudes for each task.

This is a major step towards achieving successful VET in Singapore. The recognition of attitudes as a key aspect of a given competence leads to a shift from a knowledge-based approach in VET to a competence-based one. It also lays the foundation for improving the status of VET compared to higher education institutions. The latter remain the privileged path for entry into the Singapore labour market.

During his latest visit to Singapore, Emanuel Wüthrich was able to give a workshop on the situation-based approach for the first time at a major Singaporean company (the transport company SMRT, which has 11,000 employees). Cooperation with SMRT is expected to continue, since participants were impressed with the discipline and effectiveness of our approach.

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Emanuel Wüthrich, Senior Advisor, International Relations